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Award Winning Fabricators of Quality Carved Signs Since 1988
We want to be a part of your team.

Joel Perry is the founder and principal of the company. An award winning sign artist and designer and a master sculptor for over 30 years. He is responsible for reviewing and providing you with your quote requests, processing order payments and entering your orders into the production schedule. He has a passion for helping anyone in the industry succeed and goes well beyond anyone’s expectations to help his clients sell signs. He wants to be on your team and to be a part of your success.

Aaron Perry is Joel’s son and has been in the business since he was 10 years old. He is responsible for bringing the company national. An award winning fabricator with over 20 years experience in the sign industry. He is the Chief Operations Officer of the company responsible for all aspects of the handling of your sign orders. He’s the team leader and he will insure that your sign’s quality is the best in the industry. He will also see that your sign arrives to you undamaged and on time. He wants to work with you and your team and be a part of your success.

Ruth Perry brings over 20 years sign shop experience to the company. An award winning sign designer with hands on experience in all aspects of the business running her own shop specializing in fleet graphics and dimensional signs in Massachusetts now operated by her son. Ruth is in charge of our marketing and development. If you would like to set up a new shop or a NECS shop within your shop that sells the New England Carved Signs brand then she is the one to turn to for information and expert advice. She is here to help you build your business.

Travis Blair is our Vice President and an award winning sign designer and sign fabricator with over 20 years experience in the business including sales, retail sign shop operations, sign installation as well as planning and finance. He is willing to share his vast hands-on knowledge of sign projects from designing for profit to ease of installation. Should you need advice with any of these aspects of your project then he is the one to help you improve your bottom line.

Mat Fortin is our technical specialist responsible for your file set up, CNC programming and output, paint mask output and application. His role in your signs production is the key element in the high quality level of your sign. Don’t be surprised if you get a call from Mat to review all of the elements of your sign prior to production. He wants to be a member of your team and to be a part of your company’s success.

Danny Nicolosi is our Matthews paint expert. Every sign that leaves Danny’s booth has an auto body finish. He brings many years of sign shop experience to our company and he is willing to share that knowledge with you should you need advice with a sign project that you may be working on. He has hands on shop, installation and field service that could save you time and money. He is a team player and wants to be a part of your success.

Whether you are a sign company that is looking to outsource a project or an entrepreneur looking to
sell New England Carved Signs® please feel free to reach out to any of us for information or advice.

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